Main & Cherry is a family owned vineyard and winery in Cherry Gardens, Adelaide Hills dedicated to creating small-batch wines. Together with their patch of Shiraz, they also source grapes from passionate growers in other pockets of the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. All of their wines begin from the soil up, where nature handles the big things and they gently guide along the rest.
Their small vineyards are nestled on the corner of Main & Cherry Gardens roads, at Cherry Gardens, in a warm pocket of the Adelaide Hills. Mike Sexton is the vigneron and winemaker for Main & Cherry. His curiosity in wine began as a young boy while trying his Dad’s Mateus around the Sunday lunch table. The playful Rosé lit a spark and Mike’s journey into the world of wine had begun.

In 1996, the Sexton family pulled out their rows of strawberries and replanted the land with Shiraz. It’s not a bad view up there, sitting high on an east facing hillside overlooking St Vincent’s Gulf. Mike tended to the young vines as a teenager and along the way quickly developed an appreciation for wines other than Portugese plonk. After finishing Oenology at Adelaide University in 2003, Mike spent time staining his hands red with good company at big and small wineries in McLaren Vale and various parts of the world. Chasing his dream of crafting his own wine, Main & Cherry was launched in 2009 from our own single vineyard Shiraz. An enthusiasm for alternative varieties soon led Mike to source grapes from other passionate growers throughout the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Things have quickly grown from there. Mike met Kirstie, and in 2014 Audrey arrived at the same time as the spring planting of our bushvine Grenache and Mourvèdre.

They wholeheartedly believe in nurturing the soil the best way they can, and passing this on in better shape than when they found it. On their home blocks at Cherry Gardens, they can best describe their way of managing their vineyards as biological farming, rather than adhering to any specific label of management. In a nutshell, this means that they don’t use herbicides or synthetic fungicides, and utilise sulphur sprays (and sometimes copper depending on the season), plant based teas, soil inoculating sprays and undervine composting to feed the soil biomass, build humus and improve the vitality of the soil. The soil and the vineyard is where their story begins for every wine that they make, capturing a snapshot of the year in a bottle to share with you.